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About Franklin Township Housing Authority (FTHA)


The Franklin Township Housing Authority, located at 25 Parkside St, Somerset, NJ was organized in 1958 with the purpose of providing decent, safe and affordable housing for families and seniors that could not afford standard private housing. 


FTHA, a small agency employing two fulltime employees, is a public body organized and operating according to laws of the state of New Jersey.  However it is neither a municipal or state government agency.  The authority functions under the supervision of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and the Department of Community Affairs (DCA) - Division of Local Government Services. All staff serves under an Executive Director who is appointed by the Board of Commissioners and who also serves as the Board’s Secretary.  The seven member Board of Commissioners meets regularly, once per month, calling special meetings on an as-needed basis. 


The FTHA serves low-income residents of Somerset, NJ through two forms of housing subsidy: public housing assistance and housing choice vouchers (formerly known as Section-8).  The Authority presently administers the following:  Housing Choice Vouchers-134, Tenant Protection Vouchers-96, Public Housing-50

Franklin Township Housing Authority
Contact List for Staff

All full time and contracted officers and staff are listed below
and operate from the Franklin Township Housing Authority, 25
Parkside Street, Somerset, NJ 08873
Fax: 732-545-3667

Tia Williams
Front Desk Clerk
732-545-9430 Ext. 13
Email: Tia@ftha.org

Tina Adams
Assistant Executive Director
732-545-9430 Ext. 11
Email: Tina@ftha.org

John Clarke
Acting Executive Director
732-545-9430 Ext 10
Email: Ed@ftha.org

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